Zoom users suffer outages in Europe, Middle East and US

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LONDON: Users of the video conferencing service Zoom reported outages and problems with the technology on Sunday.

The website DownDetector said thousands of people were struggling with the service that has become widely used during the coronavirus pandemic.

The outages were mostly affecting the UK, parts of Europe, the east coast of the US, Israel and Singapore.

However, Arab News staff in London and Dubai were able to communicate clearly using the app. 

“Have just had to abandon our weekly youth theatre online meeting and rehearsal because Zoom is not working,” one user wrote in the comments on DownDetector. “Ridiculous that there is no obvious support or recognition on the Zoom website of the quite obvious widespread issues people are experiencing.”

Last month, Zoom said the number of daily meeting participants had grown to 300 million. The compny’s share price has surged since the virus started to spread rapidly from January.

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