Zapopan, Jalisco “Safe House”: 5 Found Murdered, Another 5 Tortured

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Five kidnapped persons and five bodies were found by elements of the Zapopan, Jalisco State Police and Prosecutor’s Offices of Jalisco , who responded to the call of one of the victims who escaped.

In briefs, the man asked for help at the post of a tianguis where they asked for the police presence to rescue the rest of the hostages.

It was a farm, which served as a safe house, on Calzada de Las Palmas 590 A, at the intersection with Calzada Paraísos, in Ciudad Granja, where they found the bodies of five people, and five others alive, who had injuries, most seriously, to the extent that one died in a hospital.

Around ten o’clock in the morning, residents of the area heard several firearm detonations that came from a building located at 590 Las Palmas road, almost to the intersection with Paraísos road.
Subsequently, two vans left that place that, according to the inhabitants of the colony, operated two years ago as a business selling construction materials.
Shortly after, a young man between 25 and 28 years of age left the farm, who was half-naked, bloody and with signs of torture; who was handcuffed. “He said they claimed that they would help him, but that they had kidnapped them and brought them here,” said one person who witnessed the escape.
Two other men over 30 years old, also bloody and tortured , also asked for help. One of them had eye damage. “I saw them all red, because of the acid but I couldn’t see it,” said a woman who saw the events.
The three went to the west on Paradisos road . It was State police who located one of them, they told them that they had been deprived of their liberty. Units arrived at the site and began checking.
The State Police confirmed that there were five people found alive; However, one of them was found with serious injuries and died while receiving medical attention, for a total of six dead.
Five other people on the site were found dead, the State Prosecutor’s Office said.
According to the conditions of the property, apparently there are no clandestine graves; however, they will seek to prove this to be true.
The spokesman of the Prosecutor’s Office of Jalisco , Ricardo Franco, indicated that the injured were almost naked, with visible signs of torture, who will be presented to the Public Prosecutor’s Office , as soon as they are fit, to testify at any time.

The Forensic Medical Service also arrived at the site, to take charge of the bodies and take tests that are integrated into the investigation.

Missing Policeman’s Body Found:

The mayor of Zapopan, Jalisco, Pablo Lemus, confirmed that the body located on the morning of this Thursday near the Pan American Village corresponds to that of police officer Efrén Guadalupe Hernández, deprived of liberty last Tuesday.

“Look, we are waiting for the investigation that the Prosecutor’s Office is carrying out on the death of the element body that was found  today, near the Pan American Village, we need to wait to know what was the reason for his death ”, said Pablo Lemus, mayor of Zapopan.


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