Zacatecas: Gruesome video uploaded to social media of CJNG dismembering young girl

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Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat Sent by multiple followers

A ghastly video was uploaded today to social media in which CJNG animals have a young girl surrounded, they then proceed to dismember her alive.
I only viewed a few seconds of the footage as the twitter link sent to me began the video play when clicking on.  I didn’t see much before exiting, her cries and screams are haunting,   and from my perspective horrible enough, seeing the footage is unneeded. 
The information I have is reading accounts of many bloggers who have viewed it.  First, and also stated by BB followers, the beasts who executed this girl, were CJNG.  Supposedly they state as much.  Also supposedly the girl said she is a student.
From a follower: “The young girl is kneeling blindfolded while her executioners shout: “CJNG”.  
The victim is being portrayed as a member of Zetas, they tell her it is because she is with the pinche mugroso (zetas).
The victim may or may not be affiliated with narcos.  Alternatively, she may be an innocent.

15 Bodies were CJNG
In recent days, nearly 15 bodies with evidence of torture were found in Zacatecas, it is speculated that the dead were members of CJNG executed by CDS.
Before murdering and abandoning them, they were interrogated, and they said they were CJNG hitmen.
They also mention they have the support of the authorities, in the end, the CDS announces a cleansing in Zacatecas and say that this will happen to all extortionists.
This video with the group of CJNG has no violence.
The first video is that of the girl.  I strongly recommend anyone hesitating, even in the slightest,  should not view the video.  In fact, I am only posting one of the videos with the girl and wondering if that should be posted. 

Zacatecas is one of the major violence hotspots at this time. CJNG, CDN, Talibanes, CDS are all fighting for control of the important state for trafficking meth.


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