Yemen’s Houthi Rebels Are Now Using Cruise Missiles To Strike Saudi Arabia

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Warzone/The Drive: Yemen’s Houthi Rebels Are Now Striking Saudi Arabia With Cruise Missiles (Updated)

The weapon is only the latest relatively advanced addition to the Iranian-backed rebel group’s already extensive missile and drone arsenal.

Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen have claimed responsibility for an apparent cruise missile strike on an airport in neighboring Saudi Arabia. The group has released video showing its fighters launching a missile that is visually similar to Iran’s Soumar ground-launched cruise missile. The footage offers additional evidence that the Yemeni militants’ arsenal, which already contains suicide drones and short-range ballistic missiles, has expanded to include another relatively advanced weapon system.


WNU Editor: The Houthi rebels are openly boasting that they are using cruise missiles …. Yemeni Army: US Defense System Couldn’t Intercept Cruise Missile Fired at Abha Airport (Al Manar). The Saudis are responding in kind …. Saudi-led Coalition Strikes Houthi Military Targets in Yemen, Local Media Reports (Haaretz/Reuters).