World News Briefs — September 27, 2019 (Evening Edition)

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NPR: Hong Kong Braces For Massive Weekend Protests

Hong Kong is bracing for more rallies and unrest this weekend as two important anniversaries loom, sparking fears that anti-government protests might once again boil over into violence on the streets.

Saturday marks five years since the start of the pro-democracy Umbrella Movement that unsuccessfully sought free and open elections in Hong Kong, a former British colony that reverted to Chinese control in 1997.

The movement got its name after activists used umbrellas to protect themselves from police who fired tear gas and pepper spray at the protesters. It is also the weekend leading up to Tuesday’s 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.



Turkey not satisfied with talks with U.S. on Syria ‘safe zone’.

Erdogan says efforts with U.S. for Syria safe zone on schedule.

Erdogan’s AK Party membership seen sliding further as dissent grows.

US deploys air defense systems to Saudi Arabia.

Hassan Rouhani: Iran’s leader demands proof for Saudi oil attack.

Iran nuclear deal: EU nations warn Tehran over breaches. EU warns Iran it may be forced to withdraw from nuclear deal.

Iran was promised that ‘all’ US sanctions would be lifted in return for talks, Rouhani claims.

British tanker leaves Iran after 10-week detention.

Saudi Arabia offers foreign tourists visas for first time.

Pakistan PM warns of ‘bloodbath’ in Kashmir; India PM silent.

Afghans face presidential vote amid violence, corruption.

Taliban worries loom as Afghanistan prepares to vote for a president.

Thousands scramble to flee unrest in Indonesia’s Papua.

India issues all-out alert along western border after Pakistan violates airspace.

China doesn’t want to supplant the US, but it will keep growing, Beijing says.

US wasted billions in Afghanistan while China developed infrastructure – and now New York has bumpy roads, jokes Pakistani PM.

Russia arrests more than 260 North Korean fishermen.

‘Harsh, dangerous’ actions against Muslims risk Sri Lanka peace.

U.S. air strike kills 17 in southern Libya.

After U.S. talks, Sudan sees path to lifting sanctions soon.

Algerians tired of ruling cadre march as ex-premiers bid for presidency.

Protests break out across Egypt demanding el-Sisi’s resignation.

Haftar ready for ‘dialogue’ as UN pressures Libya’s warring factions.

Sudan closes borders with Libya, Central African Republic.

Kenyans rush to swap banknotes as cash ban looms.

Rwanda welcomes first group of African refugees from Libya.

Nigeria: Police free chained, abused children from Islamic school.

Huge crowds for inauguration of Senegal’s mega-mosque.

Ukraine’s prosecutor says no probe into Biden.

Russian minster: West out of step, can’t accept its decline.

Lavrov says Trump-Zelenskiy call blown out of proportion.

Moment of truth coming for Brexit with time running out, EU and Britain say.

PM Johnson says will obey the law, confident of Brexit deal.

UK parliament rejects second bid for early election.

SNP hints at backing short-term Corbyn UK led government.

Brexit talks resume amid growing EU pessimism over new deal.

EU’s Juncker says Britain will be responsible for no-Brexit deal.

French queue at Élysée Palace to pay respects to Jacques Chirac.

Russia bans smoking on apartment balconies.

House Democrats subpoena Pompeo for Ukraine documents.

White House attorneys directed sealing of phone transcript.

Trump reels as Democrats move quickly on impeachment.

Trump impeachment inquiry: Whistleblower ‘is CIA officer’.

GOP battens down the hatches after release of Trump whistleblower complaint.

Trump demands Schiff resign over account of Ukraine call.

Republicans see impeachment backfiring. Democrats fear they may be right.

EU imposes new sanctions on Venezuela.

UN launches Venezuela human rights abuse probe.

Riots and looting break out as thousands of angry protesters mark five years since the disappearance of 43 teaching students in Mexico.

Peru’s Vizcarra calls for vote of confidence as political crisis escalates.

Haitian police use tear gas, live ammunition to break protests.

Lula: Brazil’s top court ruling could overturn corruption conviction.

Man who released Canadian PM’s brownface photo says he has no political affiliation.


Militants kill eight in deadly ambush in Egypt’s Sinai: sources.

U.N. head warns world faces ‘unprecedented threat’ from violent extremism and terrorism.

‘Look, you can see ISIS down there’: How ISIS operates in Iraq today.

SDF says it killed mastermind of ISIS sleeper cell attacks in north, east Syria.


US stocks fall; S&P 500 ends with 2nd straight weekly loss.

Trump considers delisting Chinese firms from U.S. markets: sources.

Boeing CEO to testify before Congress about grounded 737 MAX.

EU and Japan play ‘guardians of universal values’ in effort to challenge China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

Facebook hides the number of ‘likes’ on users’ posts in Australia in a bid to reduce pressure on young people in trial that could be rolled out across the globe.