World News Briefs — December 3, 2019 (Evening Edition)

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Daily Mail: House Intel Committee approves impeachment report accusing Donald Trump of abusing his power by trying to force Ukraine to help his 2020 campaign – but Republicans call it a ‘sham’

* Democrats released a report detailing its impeachment case against Donald Trump
* The House Intelligence Committee is accusing the president of soliciting a foreign government to influence the 2020 elections
* It also claims Trump obstructed the impeachment investigation
* On Tuesday evening, the House Intelligence Committee voted along party lines, 13-9 to approve the report
* The impeachment proceedings will move to the Judiciary Committee Wednesday

The House Intelligence Committee voted along party lines to approve the committee’s impeachment report that accused President Trump of using the power of his office to solicit foreign interference in the 2020 elections.

The report, published by the House Intelligence Committee on Tuesday, also claimed the president obstructed the impeachment investigation.

The committee, headed by California Democrat Adam Schiff, met at 6 p.m. and voted 13-9 to approve the report and send it to the House Judiciary Committee. There are 13 Democrats and 9 Republicans who sit on the House Intelligence Committee.

The Judiciary Committee will open its own impeachment proceedings on Wednesday.



UK, France, Germany, Turkey say attacks on civilians in Syria must end.

Iraq parties, allies debate new PM as violence hits shrine cities.

Trump decries Iranian crackdown on protesters.

Iran protests: State TV acknowledges deaths during unrest.

Setting Iran deadlines ‘might not be the best idea’: new IAEA chief.

United States calls for Iraq to probe ‘abhorrent’ use of force.

Amnesty: Four million disabled people lack basic care in Yemen.

Israel’s Netanyahu, Gantz meet in last-ditch effort to form gov’t.

Saudi king invites Qatar emir to Riyadh summit: Doha.

US troop decrease in Afghanistan ‘not’ tied to Taliban deal.

China retaliates against US pro-Hong Kong law, sanctioning NGOs and banning military visits.

Beijing labels espionage concerns a ‘shoddy soap opera’, dismisses Yang Hengjun torture claims.

Trump says North Korea’s Kim ‘likes sending rockets up’.

North Korea says up to U.S. to decide what ‘Christmas gift’ it wants: KCNA.

Kim Jong-un celebrates official opening of North Korea’s ‘socialist utopia’, built with ‘slave labour’.

Deadly Typhoon Kammuri pummels Philippines, forces closure of Manila airport.

New Zealand to limit foreign political donations to $33.

Nile states to return to US for talks on controversial dam.

Mostly children and women among dead in southern Libya air attack.

Two Malian troops killed, seven injured in roadside bomb.

UN deploys troops to curb deadly South Sudan clashes.

Tunisia arrests 11 after clashes in birthplace of Arab Spring.

‘Gandhi of Western Sahara’ warns time running out to avoid war.

UN says half of Zimbabwe’s people face severe hunger.

Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe ‘left $10m but no will’.

More than a dozen people killed in Sudan factory fire.

NATO chief seeks to shore up unity as rows roil allies.

EU mission tells Malta PM to quit immediately over Caruana Galizia case.

Macron, Trump continue to spar over French digital tax plans and retaliatory US tariffs.

Finnish Prime Minister Antti Rinne resigns. Finnish Prime Minister Rinne resigns after postal strike.

Greece hopes talks with Erdoğan will ease maritime frictions.

Germany suspects Russian agencies over Chechen exile killing.

Germans in favor of ‘reducing reliance’ on US.

Ukraine to fire hundreds of prosecutors by year’s end, including Giuliani-linked official: report.

More pressure on Prince Andrew after alleged victim on TV.

In 300 pages, House lays out evidence for Trump impeachment.

White House: Intel impeachment report ‘reads like the ramblings of a basement blogger’.

Kamala Harris ends White House bid, citing lack of funding.

Trump: Democrats’ impeachment inquiry ‘unpatriotic’. Trump blasts Democrats, demands Biden testify as panel issues impeachment report.

Trump says he’ll be ‘disappointed’ if IG report goes against him.

Latin America, U.S. to ban travel within their borders for Venezuela’s Maduro, allies.

Mexico rejects US demand for trade deal ‘supervisors’.

Mexico homicide record: 127 deaths reported in a single day.

US to help ‘legitimate Latin American govts’ to PREVENT protests from ‘morphing into riots’ – Pompeo

Chile announces $5.5 billion economic recovery plan as riots wreak financial havoc.

BREAKING NEWS: Kamala Harris drops out of 2020 presidential race with attack on Michael Bloomberg saying: ‘I’m not a billionaire. I can’t fund my own campaign.’


US court sentences Hezbollah operative to 40 years in jail.

Stunned residents return after IS losses in east Afghanistan.

FBI offers $5m reward for Wisconsin-born leader of African terror group al-Shabab – who they fear is planning terror attacks in US.

‘I kept the oil’: Donald Trump defends U.S. withdrawal that exposed Kurdish allies amid pressure on Turkey at NATO meetings and says remaining forces will battle ISIS whenever ‘they pop up again’.


Wall Street falls as trade hopes wane.

Google co-founders step down as execs of parent Alphabet.

OPEC, Russia debate deeper oil cuts as new glut looms.

US threatens huge tariffs on French goods over digital tax.

US retailers report banner start to 2019 holiday season.

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