World News Briefs — August 28, 2020 (Evening Edition)

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Reuters: EU set to sanction Turkey over ships in disputed east Med exploration area

BERLIN/BRUSSELS (Reuters) – The European Union is preparing sanctions against Turkey that could be discussed at the bloc’s next summit on Sept. 24 in response to the eastern Mediterranean dispute with Greece, the EU’s top diplomat said on Friday.

The measures, meant to limit Turkey’s ability to explore for natural gas in contested waters, could affect individuals, ships or the use of European ports, Josep Borrell said. The EU would focus on everything related to “activities we consider illegal”, he added.

Borrell spoke in Berlin where EU foreign ministers met to discuss support for Greece after Athens ratified a pact on its maritime boundaries to counter Turkey’s claims to energy resources in the region.

In a fresh sign of tensions, Turkey’s Defence Ministry said Turkish F-16 jets on Thursday prevented six Greek F-16 jets which took off from the island of Crete from entering an area where Ankara is conducting maritime activity.



UN extends Lebanon peace mission by one year but reduces troops.

Hamas, Israel trade fire as Gaza flareup shows no sign of abating.

Syrian peace talks to resume in Geneva after hold due to COVID-19.

UN concern over ‘widespread’ COVID-19 transmission in Syria.

Amid surge in COVID-19, Iraq’s Shia mourn Imam Hussein.

Lebanese presidency to convene consultations on Monday to pick new PM.

Troubled waters: Greek-Turkish escalations in the Mediterranean.

EU warns Turkey of sanctions as east Mediterranean crisis worsens.

US defence chief says China ‘destabilising’ Pacific.

Race for new Japan PM starts after shock resignation.

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe resigns due to illness, says he does not want health to affect policy decisions.

Crushed by virus and war, jobless Afghans turn to opium for cash.

Amnesty Int’l: India police ‘indulged’ in violence, torture during protests.

China coronavirus investigation team and date of visit still to be decided.

South Korea struggling to control resurgence of coronavirus.

Afghanistan, Pakistan: At least 200 killed in monsoon floods.

Pakistan: Karachi experiences worst floods in almost a century, dozens dead.

Cyber attack crashes New Zealand stock exchange for fourth day in a row.

Sudan to launch mass polio vaccination after outbreak.

Tanzania kicks off campaign as Magufuli vies for new term.

Flooding in Niger kills 45, displaces more than 226,000.

ECOWAS demands civilian transition in Mali, elections within a year.

‘Disease’ of Mali coup needs stamping out, says West African bloc.

Where state is weak, Mali militants broker talks between rival clans.

UAE implicated in lethal drone strike in Libya.

Pompeo approves plans to halt aid to Ethiopia over Nile dam dispute.

Egypt arrests Muslim Brotherhood leader Mahmoud Ezzat.

Record flooding leaves dozens dead, thousands homeless in Sudan.

European Union sets stage for sanctions on Turkey.

France’s Macron says he set red lines with Turkey in eastern Mediterranean.

‘Tightening the screws’: Belarus’ Lukashenko shows no sign of bending to protests.

Belarus threatens to shut European transit routes if sanctions imposed.

Belarus deports Swedish journalist amid media crackdown.

UK sees highest number of new Covid-19 cases since mid-June.

Coronavirus: France sees ‘exponential rise’ in cases.

France Covid-19: Paris compulsory face-mask rule comes into force.

Berlin police prepare for violence at protests against coronavirus curbs.

Coronavirus to worsen in coming months, Germany’s Merkel warns. Coronavirus: Germany’s Angela Merkel warns of hard months to come.

Merkel reveals she has no regrets over 2015 migrant influx, claims she would let 1 million into Germany again.

Alexei Navalny shows signs of improvement, still in induced coma.

Trump returns to campaign trail in preview of final sprint.

Biden, Harris prepare to travel more as campaign heats up.

Meadows says Trump willing to sign $1.3 trillion coronavirus relief bill. Pelosi slams GOP, says $1.3 trillion in coronavirus relief not enough.

March on Washington: Thousands gather at historic civil rights march.

U.S. House panel announces contempt proceedings against Pompeo.

Medical examiner: George Floyd had ‘fatal level of fentanyl’ in his system, but is ‘not saying this killed him’.

Three killed amid surge of violence in Colombia.

Peru, with world’s deadliest outbreak, readies to start vaccine tests.

NBA playoffs to resume on Saturday after player-led protests.

Canada extends international travel ban to September 30.


ISIS’ Jihad grows stronger in the COVID era.

Former college student admits she tried to join al Qaeda: US feds.

Right-wing extremism and Islamic extremism spread online in similar ways, new study says.


S&P 500 rises to close out longest weekly win streak of 2020.

Covid-19 dealt a shock to the world’s top economies. Here’s who has fared the worst.

Coronavirus: Gatwick passenger numbers collapse by 14.7 million.

Elon Musk’s net worth tops $100 billion: Forbes.

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