woman says she outbid meat buyer on horses shocked to find out they are from fort edmonton park

Woman says she outbid meat buyer on 2 horses, shocked to find out they are from Fort Edmonton Park


A Parkland County woman who says she recently outbid a meat buyer to acquire two horses at an auction was shocked to find out they were from Fort Edmonton Park. She now has concerns about what happens to City of Edmonton animals when their service is no longer needed.“There’s got to be a better way to do this for the city,” Cindy Thomas told Global News on Thursday. “It’s just an ethical thing.”Story continues below

Thomas said she went to an auction in Tofield, Alta., over the weekend with the specific aim of outbidding meat buyers to save horses from the slaughterhouse. She said she first began attending auctions in the fall after one of her horses, Molly, went missing in the hope of finding her. It was then, she said, that she learned about how many horses sold at auctions go to buyers wanting them for meat.READ MORE: Missing horse found 3 months later near home close to Entwistle, AlbertaWatch below: (From Dec. 24, 2018) A woman from the Entwistle area says her missing horse, Molly, has been returned to her after she went missing in September.