woman mistakenly held for week in jail loses job separated from kids

Woman Mistakenly Held For Week in Jail Loses Job, Separated From Kids


A woman from the Cincinnati, Ohio area lost her job and was separated from her children for a week after she was mistakenly jailed by police, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported over the weekend.

Ashley Foster was arrested in the presence of her two young children in a parking lot earlier this month by Hamilton County deputies for trafficking heroin.

Foster told the Enquirer that the police officers “showed me the computer, everything they had in front of them, it was my ID, my picture, my birthday, my Social Security number, but it was not my address.”

She was held in custody for five days before she was transferred to nearby Brown County, where the charges were issued. Afterwards, an officer interviewed her and realized she was not the suspect.

The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office said it is usual procedure that when a person is found in another county from which the warrrant is issued, they are held for three business days until they can be transferred. However, in Foster’s case, her detention was extended due to the weekend.

The Sheriff’s Office said they also tried to contact family to pick up the children immediately after her arrest, but child protective services took them into custody when no one was available.

Child protective services said her children were then placed in the custody of their fathers soon thereafter.

Brown County Prosecutor Zac Corbin told the Enquirer that during the drug trafficking investigation, “the real Ashley Foster and a co-defendent had taken off” and that then, for some unknown reason, an arrest warrant was “filed on the wrong person.”

Corbin said that as soon as the mistake was realized, the charges against Foster were dropped.