Will The U.S. Succeed In Ending China’s ‘Dream’ Of Military Domination In Space

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The second Long March 5 heavy-lift rocket at Wenchang, Hainan, on July 1, 2017. CNS

Washington Times: Pentagon races to end China’s ‘dream’ of military domination in space

The United States and China are rapidly building space warfare capabilities as part of a race to dominate the zone outside Earth’s atmosphere.

Air Force Gen. John W. Raymond, commander of the Pentagon’s new Space Command, said last week that the threat of attacks against vital American satellites is real.

“I can tell you from my perspective, the scope, scale and complexity of that threat is alive and well and very concerning,” Gen. Raymond told an audience Nov. 18 at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

China’s strategy for dominating space was detailed this month in the annual report of the congressional U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission. The commission report warned that China wants to dominate the zone between the Earth and the moon, known as cislunar space, as part of what the ruling Communist Party of China calls the “Space Dream.”


WNU Editor: The Chinese have made it a priority to be the dominant power in space in the next decade or two. As for The U.S. space program, if it is a priority, I have yet to see it articulate as such.

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