Will Donald Trump Jr. Run For The Republican Presidential Nomination In 2024?

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Daily Mail: Triggered: Don Jr. rages at Republican ‘2024 hopefuls’ for not publicly backing his father as White House releases statement saying Trump ‘brought great victories’ in sign of civil war between him and party 

 * The president’s son blasted ‘total lack of action’ from potential party leaders 
 * Accused them of cowering to the media ‘mob’ 
 * White House spokesman released statement saying Trump ‘defied all expectations in Congressional and Senate races, bringing great victories’ 
Donald Trump Jr. ripped prospective Republican presidential candidates who he accused of a ‘total lack of action’ as his father faces daunting political and legal challenges in his fight for reelection. 
The blast from the president’s outspoken son, who has himself been mentioned as a potential candidate for elective office, came on a day when Trump’s lead over Democrat Joe Biden ticked downward in battleground Pennsylvania and Georgia, narrowing his path to reelection. 
With the president fighting for his political survival, his son sought to enlist more defenders and blasted his public demand out to his millions of followers among Trump’s base, while his father’s campaign filed lawsuits across the country seeking to stop the vote count in some states. 
WNU Editor: Two or three times a week I meditate for about half an hour in the afternoon. Today I had a flash that Donald Trump Jr. is considering a run for the Republican Presidential Nomination in 2024. And if not, the family will support US Senator Tom Cotton.