Who Owns This Unmanned Spy Boat That Washed Up In Scotland Last Week?

USA World

The damaged Wave Glider was found on the Isle of Tiree on Sept 28th. It has now been carried inland to the finder’s house. UK COASTGUARD 

Last week a small unmanned vessel washed up on the rocky Scottish Isle of Tiree, about a hundred miles from the U.K.’s nuclear submarine base at Faslane. It was identified as a Wave Glider, a type made by U.S. company Liquid Robotics, which is capable of traveling thousands of miles and is used by both the U.S. Navy and Britain’s Royal Navy as well as other government agencies and scientific researchers. The local Coast Guard have been unable to trace the owner so far, but the craft’s configuration suggests it was on a secret mission. 
Contacted by Forbes, Britain’s Ministry of Defence were at first uncertain, but later provided a definite statement. 
“The vessel is not ours,” said a spokesman. 
They could not provide any information about whether the washed-up Glider might be a U.S. Navy vessel. 
The U.S. Navy, and makers Liquid Robotics have not yet responded to requests for information. 
WNU Editor: The Royal Navy’s main submarine base is at Faslane naval base, Gare Loch, Scotland. When they leave their base to enter the Atlantic they must past south near the Scottish Isle of Tiree where this American built unmanned spy boat was found. Hmmmm …. my gut is telling me that the Americans are monitoring British submarine movements.