when will season of blue bloods be on netflix

When will Season 9 of Blue Bloods be on Netflix?

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Blue Bloods – Picture from CBS

The fan-favorite police procedural series Blue Bloods has returned for its ninth season on CBS and will be coming to Netflix in the US in 2019. Here’s a bit of background of the show on Netflix and when the next season will be dropping. 

The series has now been running since 2010 and was first appeared on Netflix back in 2014 and has received yearly updates ever since. The series has gone from strength to strength over the years with season 7 being the highest rated and most watched of all the seasons.

Blue Bloods takes place in New York and follows the Reagan family of police officers in the NYPD. Season 9 will once again consist of 22 episodes and started airing on Fridays from September 28th onwards. The series is expected to wrap up once again in May 2018.

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When will season 9 of Blue Bloods be on Netflix?

For those in the United States, you’ll be getting the series likely at the same time of the year as the previous three seasons.

Looking back, season 6, season 7 and season 8 were all added in July. That means we’d expect season 9 to arrive in early July 2019.

Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom don’t carry Blue Bloods and therefore, will unlikely get season 9 added.

When will season 9 of Blue Bloods be on Netflix’s DVD.com?

New seasons of Blue Bloods drop on Netflix DVD each August. This year, season 8 dropped on August 21st.

Blue Bloods – picture from CBS

Isn’t CBS removing their content from Netflix?

It’d be unfair to say that CBS is pulling their content. Rather, CBS is electing for their newer shows to only drop only on their CBS All-Access platform. Older shows, like Blue Bloods, are still continuing to drop on Netflix as part of existing so-called legacy contracts.

CBS has honored its existing agreements for all of its shows so far with the exception of Criminal Minds which seems to have stopped updating on Netflix. Blue Bloods isn’t expected to follow the likes of Criminal Minds but is currently widely available on streaming services with it appearing on Hulu (8 seasons), Prime (6 seasons) and CBS All Access (9 seasons)

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