when will season of shetland be on netflix

When will Season 4 & 5 of Shetland be on Netflix?

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Shetland – Picture from BBC

The BBC’s detective series Shetland is back for its fifth season on the BBC but Netflix in most areas is still a couple seasons behind. Here’s the current status of Shetland on Netflix and when we can expect to see both season 4 and season 5 of Shetland streaming on Netflix.

Shetland is among some of the best detective shows and the BBC is the king of them it seems. With shows like Marcella, Dr. Foster, Luther, and Sherlock plus past shows like Happy Valley, they’ve got the genre well and truly covered.

This series is about a detective inspector who, along with his team, investigates crimes in a small island community.

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Netflix US Release Schedule for Shetland

The last time Shetland was updated on Netflix was back in April 2017 when Netflix put all of the first three seasons available. Since then, the BBC has put two new seasons out with season 4 releasing in 2018 and most recently the fifth dropping in January 2019.

We’re not entirely sure why Netflix is behind as we originally would’ve thought season 4 would’ve arrived last April and then season 5 this April.

What seems most likely is that Shetland will come to Netflix after Britbox has concluded streaming the fourth season. The streaming service that provides access to the top British shows currently holds season 4 but all the older seasons are exclusively available on Netflix.

Here’s our theory. After season 5 has finished, Britbox will soon be streaming that but will let go of season 4. That’d mean we’d expect season 4 to drop on Netflix in 2019 and the same sequence happening again in 2020.

That’s assuming that Netflix will get the new seasons of Shetland at all. It could be possible that Britbox will retain the rights exclusively to the show and eventually pull the first three seasons.

Douglas Henshall and Alison O’Donnell in Shetland

Other Regions Release Schedule

Netflix in the UK actually only ever had one season of the show available but was removed a year later. You can watch season 5 on the BBC iPlayer but that will eventually be pulled.

Beyond that, Netflix Canada and Australia are both behind. Canada, like the United States, only has seasons 1-3 and we’re thinking the release schedule will be the same as the one outlined above.

In Australia, you only have two seasons of the show but with ABC carrying the show, it may also be a while before it drops.