when will dirty john season be on netflix in the united states

When will Dirty John Season 1 be on Netflix in the United States?

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Dirty John – Picture courtesy of Bravo/Netflix

Season 1 of Dirty John has released on Netflix in most regions around the world as a full-fledged Netflix Original but those in the United States won’t be able to find season 1 of Dirty John just yet. Here’s when we’re expecting season 1 of Dirty John to be available on Netflix for users in the United States.

Based on the true story of a woman called Debra it’s about her new relationship with a doctor who essentially rips her away from her family. The show is widely considered to be the next best alternative after Netflix picked up YOU from Lifetime several months ago.

Dirty John isn’t a full Netflix Original series

We’ve picked up on this several times before that Netflix carries multiple shows under its Original banner that aren’t quite full Originals. Dirty John fits this description. Netflix carries the show under an international distribution deal.

That means everywhere outside of the United States currently has access to Dirty John season 1 on Netflix.

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Dirty Season 1 will likely come to Netflix US later this year

With international distribution deals, Netflix US is usually shortchanged but not forever. In most cases, Netflix does eventually get the show in the United States at a later date than the other regions.

This is almost certainly going to be the case as the show has not been signed up to rival platforms such as Hulu or Amazon as of the time of publishing.

So when will season 1 of Dirty John be on Netflix in the United States? The show was given a two-season order by Bravo which is likely going to be coming towards the end of 2019.

Dirty John starring Eric Bana and Connie Britton

Bravo will likely release season 1 in anticipation of that to allow people who have never watched the show to get up to speed before hopefully tuning into season 2.

That means we’re currently expecting Dirty John season 1 to be on Netflix in the United States from anywhere between September to November 2019.

In a similar fashion, Netflix would then get season 2 of Dirty John in late 2020.

We’re also expecting the docu-series that accompanies Dirty John will also be coming to Netflix in the United States but we’ll flesh that out in a later article.

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