“What the Hell is Happening?”- Hunter Biden Has Reportedly Joined Meetings With Joe Biden and Top Aides At the White House Following Debate Debacle

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Could drug-loving Hunter Biden be helping call the shots for the Regime after watching dear old dad choke during the debate?

NBC’s Ken Dilanian posted an alarming story on X Tuesday afternoon, saying Hunter is now attending meetings with his dad and high-ranking White House aides following Biden’s debate debacle. Not surprisingly, this has caused confusion and anger amongst senior White House staffers.

Dilanian writes:

“Hunter Biden has joined meetings with President Biden and his top aides this week at the White House, four people familiar with the matter tell my colleagues, who are told the reaction from some senior White House staff has been, ‘What the hell is happening?’”

NBC News reports that while Hunter is omnipresent at the White House residence and events, it is unusual for him to be in meetings that his father is having with his staff.

Moreover, he has been talking to senior White House staff.

One source told the outlet that Hunter has been closely advising his father since the family last weekend at Camp David. The source Hunter has “popped into” a couple of meetings and phone calls the president has had with some of his advisers.

TGP’s Cristina Laila previously reported that Hunter emerged as the strongest voice behind urging Biden to remain in the Presidential race during the meeting. One could say the timing of this development is quite intriguing.

DEVELOPING: Hunter Biden Encouraging His Father to Stay in Presidential Race During Emergency Family Meeting at Camp David

Dilanian further notes that Hunter allegedly texted his dad back in 2019 that he would never have a chance at redemption unless Biden jumped into the 2020 Presidential race. With Hunter facing a potential long prison sentence after being found guilty on all charges related to his illegal purchase of a gun back in 2018, could he be using his dad’s weakness as leverage for a potential pardon down the road?