We Will Lead You To Your Deaths

Latin America World

“Sol Prendido” for Borderland Beat

Meet Luis Gerardo Lucero Casanova aka El Casanova and Hector Ramon Alexis Villegas Barrios aka El Cid. 

Both young men are operatives for the La Plaza Cartel. And as hired assassins for organized crime in the city of Guaymas. 

The two men will narrate before the camera their illicit activities in the Gulf of California. 

Their biggest mistake was trusting the local cartel to pay them for services rendered. Job after job was provided by the slightly experienced death dealers with no incentive in sight. 

Slimy adults without any real intention of paying them took advantage of the gullible men within the port city. 

Video translation is as follows:

Interrogator #1: What’s your name and your moniker?

Captive #1: My name is Luis Gerardo Lucero Casanova aka El Casanova. 

Captive #2: My name is Hector Ramon Alexis Villegas Barrios aka El Cid. 

Interrogator #1: Which cartel do you belong to?

Captives in unison say: The La Plaza. 

Interrogator #1: What exactly would you do for this cartel?

Captive #1: I was in charge of buying groceries. And hiring cab drivers whenever innocent civilians had to be killed. 

Captive #2: I would accompany Gabriel to hit drug points in the Guaymas Norte and Yucatán neighborhoods. 

Interrogator #1: Who would give you the orders to go out and kill?

Captive: Karen Siclealy Lopez Ramirez aka La Karen and El Adrian. 

Interrogator #1: How many individuals have you killed?

Captive #2: I’ve killed 8 people. 

Captive #1: And I killed just 1 person in the Ocotillo neighborhood. 

Interrogator #1: How much were you guys paid?

Captive #1: 5000. But we never received those funds. 

Interrogator #1: How many other individuals are within your cell?

Captive #2: There are 3 individuals within our group. And there are 4 other persons who roam about in a white Chevy Cheyenne pickup. 

Captive #1: There’s also that individual who drives a car. 

Captive #2: El Magda.

Captive #1: Yes, El Magda. 

Interrogator #2: That makes 4 for Gabriel. 

Interrogator #1: How many individuals has Gabriel killed?

Captives in unison say: Gabriel is the person who killed that tranny in the Yucatán neighborhood. 

Captive #1: Yes, that transexual. 

Female voice over: The La Plaza Cartel uses deception to recruit young individuals as hitmen. They promise them money in return for killing innocent civilians. Which is a fabricated lie. Their gunmen are not even fed. Authorities, don’t allow for Francisco Javier Espinoza Camacho aka El Fino and Antonio Castro Valenzuela aka El Castro to continue committing these injustices in the Guaymas port. 

Message reads as follows:

Domingo: Just like that I want two people killed. Try to kill a distributor and a buyer that I know. Make sure that you shoot them twice in their heads. I don’t want to hear afterwards that they survived their injuries. 

Gabriel: But we haven’t eaten sir. 

Guaymas, Sonora

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