We Do Not Know Yet Who Won Election, Media Desperately Trying To Coronate Biden

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The media does not get to select our President.

The American people get to elect our President.

At this point, we should allow the rule of law and legal process to operate. 

Still-undecided 2020 election. The Daily US News Believes Trump Will Win.

President Trump still has a path to victory, and that path is to count every single legal vote that was cast, but also not to count any votes that were fraudulently cast or illegally cast, and we have a legal process to determine what’s legal and what isn’t.

“That same software is used in 47 counties throughout Michigan. That needs to be examined,” Cruz said. “It’s hard to know what the facts are and hard to know what the truth is. … This case could very easily end up at the U.S. Supreme Court.”