WATCH: This May Just Be the Wildest Dem Politician DUI Video You Will Ever See

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We’ve seen some interesting Democrat DUI cases in the past, including Paul Pelosi and, most recently, Assemblywoman Wendy Carillo.

But I have to say that the video of Georgia Democrat Felicia Franklin hits another level of wild. 


Franklin, who was, at the time, a Clayton County Board of Commissioners Vice Chair, was found passed out on the street outside of a sports bar in Morrow, Georgia, on September 29. She was attending an event being held in the bar. 

But then, when the first responders arrived to help her out and find out what was going on, that’s when it got wild. 

Here’s the short-form video that has gone viral, viewed by almost eight million people. It’s easy to see why it’s getting a lot of attention. 

Warning for loud screaming and graphic language: 

There’s also a longer 15-minute version, and it’s just as wild. 


Perhaps the wildest moment was when she was screaming her head off in the ambulance.

She could also be seen hitting an EMT in an ambulance and repeatedly yelling at him to “get the f– out of my face.”

When an officer told her, “Ma’am, you’re about to go to jail,” Franklin replied, “I don’t give a f—, get him out of my face.”

She also cried “Don’t leave me, don’t leave me” as she was transported to a local hospital, where she was transferred to a bed — and became even more agitated, calling out for her mother.


After the incident, Franklin claimed that she’d been given a date rape drug. 

“It is believed by medical professionals that I was drugged with a GHB pill, more commonly known as the ‘date rape pill,’ and this incident has shaken me to my core,” she posted on Facebook.

“I will be working closely with authorities to ensure that justice is served, and I will also be advocating for improved safety measures at events like these,” she claimed.

But the police nuked that excuse, saying there was no evidence of that from the toxicology report. But they did find cannabis from the urinalysis. She refused a blood test. The police also said that they had video evidence that she had multiple drinks at the bar, including three “That’s a home run” drinks, which included 40 proof Hennessy and Grand Marnier, as well as a glass of wine and some of someone else’s beer. 

She was unanimously voted out of her vice chair position by the board, who told her “Bye, Felicia” from that position. 

“The Clayton County Board of Commissioners deemed the removal of Franklin as vice chair and additional sanctions in the best interest of the county, citing behavior unbecoming of the position,” county officials said in a statement.

The resolution notes that the “Board finds its citizens expect its elected officials to behave in a manner which brings a positive reflection on the citizens, businesses, and employees of the county” and claims that Franklin’s “actions as vice chair are unbecoming of the position.” 

“The video spoke for itself. What more can we say?” Chairman Jeff Turner told WSB-TV about the decision.

“We represent the citizens of Clayton County and we have to make sure we present ourselves in a way that our citizens are going to be proud of us.”


You would think that after all this embarrassment, Franklin would just learn her lesson, shut up, and take the “L.” But not so much. Instead, she’s now suing the board for removing her from her position. She called it improper and is still running for chair of the Board. 

I’m going to take a wild guess that isn’t going to go well for her. 

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