watch school resource officer makes a heartwarming connection

WATCH: School resource officer makes a heartwarming connection

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by ear. The school security officer hitting a high note with a child in a challenging moment. It’s “America strong.” 12-year-old Racquel Zuniga is hardly ever seen without her special stuffed animal. She brings Kermit everywhere. Hoost he’s her buddy. Reporter: She’s in a seventh grade class for students with special needs in California. She likes to play basketball, and try new recipes in cooking class. But her mother says she sometimes has trouble moving from one class to the next. It’s like she gets stuck in a position, it’s usually in transition from something to the other. It’s not unusual for it to be a long time like that. Reporter: On this day, she was having a hard time going from the hallway to outside. She had been frozen in place for more than an hour. Teachers were trying to soothe her, but nothing was working until this incredible moment. ??? Someday we’ll find it the rainbow connection ??? ??? the lovers the dreamers and me ??? Reporter: That school resource officer, Chris Morrison, singing Kermit the frog’s famous song, “Rainbow connection.” Did you know Kermit sings that song? I love Kermit. Reporter: Racquel, clearly touched. Officer Morrison, able to make that connection. You can see in the way she turns and smiles. That says it all. She knew, and that, I think, really made that connection special. Seeing that this officer knew the song, too. Reporter: Morrison, a former teacher, said it was a moment she will never forget. That smile made my day, week, year. A moment I won’t forget, and it reminds me why I’m in the profession I’m in. We thank officer Morrison, for being in that profession, and we want to thank Raquel and her mom for sharing her story.

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