Watch: Joy Behar Calls ‘The View’ Co-Host a ‘Lesbian’ During Extremely Revolting Segment

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While “The View” co-hosts are usually a goldmine for commentary after giving their ill-informed take on any number of hot-button topics of the day, sometimes their segments are just downright cringeworthy and vile.

Thursday’s segment featured the ladies of “The View” alongside their two guests – Judy Gold and Sandra Bernhard – to promote a new documentary, “Outstanding: A Comedy Revolution.”

As June is “pride” month for the left, Gold and Bernhard made guest appearances because they are both gay. Naturally, the conversation devolved into talk of the entire panel’s sexuality with Behar accusing fellow host Sara Haines of being a lesbian.

As Haines gave her reaction to the documentary, she revealed she had been to The Cubbyhole, a lesbian bar in Manhattan that’s mentioned in the documentary as Bernard had also been there.

Behar’s immediate reaction was to call Haines – who is married to a man and has three children – “a closet lipstick lesbian.”

WARNING: The following clip and quotes contain language that some viewers may find offensive or disturbing.

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Whoopi Goldberg followed Behar’s remark by calling Haines, “gay adjacent” after Haines’ admission that she, “went to Smith College” and that she “played on a gay volleyball league.”

Haines responded to Goldberg using her own words saying, “I’m gay adjacent… or not adjacent.”

Behar’s conduct had already caused the show to take a turn when Bernhard asked her earlier in the same clip, “Have you ever gotten it on with a lady?”

Behar — who is married to a man who could be watching the segment — very seriously responded, “No, but someday I will.”

After laughing, Behar, 81, said she would, “do it in my 90s.”

Behar’s behavior — and to some degree Haines’ via peer pressure — here is a cautionary tale in taking the moral high ground.

If you aren’t consistent in how you behave while attacking your critics, you look hypocritical.

Often, viral clips from “The View” include launching into a diatribe about any number of conservative happenings concerning former President Donald Trump or other prominent Republicans.

The panel has spent years being outraged at the opposition’s actions just to sit here and joke about being gay and committing adultery.

In the case of Behar, it might not be a joke judging by the tone of her voice.

On the surface, this is just a strange and gross clip.

On a deeper level, if Behar’s or Haines’ husbands happen to watch the show live or see this clip, they’re understandably going to feel pretty embarrassed.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.