WATCH: Great Moments From Javier Milei, the Man Who Hates Socialism, New President-Elect of Argentina

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As we reported, economist Javier Milei just won the presidential election in Argentina on Sunday. Facing widespread poverty, inflation, and other economic woes from years of failed socialism, the country desperately needed and wanted a change. Milei beat his opponent by a significant margin: 55.7 percent to 44.3 percent.


There is no doubt that Milei is a crazy maverick, but it’s a craziness that Argentina — and maybe the rest of the world — needs for that change. Someone who truly seems to get the problems of government and socialism and is committed to doing away with them. 

It’s heartening to see Argentina going in the right direction after suffering horribly from socialism for years. And it encourages us, as we see so much of that wrongthink taking hold here. It’s maybe also another positive sign that with the right energy, we, too, can vote out such nonsense. 

It’s also rather funny that Milei doesn’t hold back at all in taking on the scourge that has so plagued his country. 

Here’s a great highlight reel of some of his fun moments, including touting a chainsaw (an indication of how he would cut the government), demonstrating that he would cut out wasteful ministries, including the gender ministry, and not holding back when asked about socialists. I think it’s safe to say that no one could call him “sleepy” or “low energy.” 


“You can’t give sh*t leftards an inch,” Milei explains, showing he truly does get it. But why do you call them “sh*t?” the reporter asks. “Because they are sh*t!” Milei roars. How can you argue with the truth of that? He also rips apart political correctness, noting how when you go against the narrative of socialism, they throw the same attacks against you that they do in this country: Then “you are a danger to democracy.” In this country, “danger to democracy” is anything that the Democrats don’t like, which frankly is a very anti-democratic thought. 

People have compared him in some ways to former President Donald Trump because he brings some of that same kind of populist, anti-statist energy. Milei did a great interview with Tucker Carlson. Among the things that Tucker asked him was what advice he would give to Trump as he runs for president. 

“He should continue his fight against socialism,” Milei advised. 

“Because he is one of the few who truly understood that we are fighting socialism, that we are fighting the statists. He understood perfectly the generation of wealth comes from the private sector. The State does not create wealth. The State destroys it. The State can give you nothing because it produces nothing. And when it attempts it, it does so, poorly.”


Milei advised Trump to “double down on his efforts in the same direction, defending the ideals of freedom and refusing to give an inch to the socialists.” Gotta love those thoughts. 

Milei pledged to be an ally to the United States, which is also a welcome thing. 

Now, he will have the challenge of governing, and since the Peronist party still has the largest group in each chamber, he’s going to have to figure out how to move around them or persuade them to help get his policy objectives through. But it’s definitely a massive step in the right direction for the country, and hopefully, one that the U.S. can also take in 2024. 

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