Washington Post Says White House Discussed Conducting Its First Nuclear Test In Decades

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© Los Alamos National Laboratory/Los Alamos National Laboratory The last full-scale underground test of a nuclear weapon was conducted at the Nevada Test Site in September 1992.

Washington Post: Trump administration discussed conducting first U.S. nuclear test in decades

The Trump administration has discussed whether to conduct the first U.S. nuclear test explosion since 1992 in a move that would have far-reaching consequences for relations with other nuclear powers and reverse a decades-long moratorium on such actions, said a senior administration official and two former officials familiar with the deliberations.

The matter came up at a meeting of senior officials representing the top national security agencies last Friday, following accusations from administration officials that Russia and China are conducting low-yield nuclear tests — an assertion that has not been substantiated by publicly available evidence and that both countries have denied.


Update: Trump admin has looked at conducting first US nuclear test since ’90s citing threat from Russia, China: report (The Hill)

WNU Editor: Rumours and reports that both Russia and China have been conducting very low level nuclear tests have been making the rounds for the past few months (we are talking tests at a fraction of a kiloton). So is the U.S. about to actual conduct their own low level tests? I am not surprised that it was discussed, but I doubt that such a test or tests have been green-lighted.

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