Was The Capital Riot A Coup Attempt?

USA World

The storming of the halls of Congress by a mob of President Trump’s supporters is the latest episode of violence to darken the U.S. Capitol in a history dating back to a British arson attack in Washington during the War of 1812. Here is a chronology of some of the most notorious acts of violence to flare at the Capitol – shootings, bombings, a knife attack, a beating by cane and even an assassination attempt. REUTERS/Leah Millis 

On Wednesday, a mob apparently composed of Trump supporters forced its way past US Capitol security guards and briefly moved unrestrained through much of the Capitol building. 
They displayed virtually no organization and no clear goals. 
The only deaths were on the side of the mob, with one woman—apparently unarmed—shot dead by panicky and trigger-happy Capitol police, with three others suffering nonspecific “medical emergencies.”
WNU Editor: Being one who has personally witnessed an attempted coup (1993 Russian constitutional crisis), as well as covering through this blog dozens of coup attempts and coups over the years. What happened on Wednesday was not a coup. Not even close. 
But that is not to minimize what happened on Wednesday. 
As I had mentioned in a commentary yesterday. These buildings are sacred, and those who endanger these institutions and/or disrupt what happens in them must be punished …. which I am confident that they will be. 
But accusing them of committing a coup even though some of the rioters said that this is what they wanted to do.
Give me a break.