Was A NATO Member State Involved In Launching An Attack On A Russian Airbase?

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Euro Topics: Attack on Russian military air base in Pskov 

Several Russian locations have been attacked by drones in recent days. A drone strike which destroyed parts of a military air base in Russia’s Pskov region is making big headlines. The base is located around 700 kilometers from Ukraine, but less than 50 kilometers from Estonia. According to the Russian news agency Tass, four II-76 military transport aircraft were damaged. What are the implications of such attacks?  

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Update: Target hit 700 kilometers away!’ Zelensky celebrates Ukraine’s defense industry, possibly hinting at Russia’s Pskov airport (Meduza).  

WNU Editor: The Pskov base is only 50 km away from Estonia and 700km away from Ukraine. There are a lot of people skeptical that Ukraine has the ability and know how to not only know that these aircraft were there, but to launch it in such a concentrated and successful matter. 

But instead of focusing on NATO’s possible direct involvement, Russian media is downplaying this attack. This tells me that the Krmelin does not want to inflame tensions, and it certainly does not want to be provoked to retailiate against a NATO member.  

Update #2: The first photos are in, and unlike earlier reports that claimed a number of craft were destroyed (link here), the damage appears to be minimal …. First photos of damaged Russian jets seen after Ukraine’s brazen drone attack on Russia’s Pskov airbase (New Voice Of Ukraine).  

Update #3: The denials are coming in, but I know in Russia no one believes it …. Estonia Denies Link to Russian Airport Drone Strike (Newsweek). More here …. Defense Ministry denies Latvia’s involvement in Pskov drone incident (Eng.Lsm.lv).