Vote On British Prime Minister Johnson’s Brexit Deal Is Delayed By Parliament

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Daily Mail: Defiant Boris Johnson reveals he will get around Remainer law by telling EU leaders NOT to delay Brexit past Oct 31 and will refuse to negotiate extension – after MPs pass Oliver Letwin’s Brexit-wrecking amendment by 322 to 306 votes

* Boris Johnson urged MPs to ‘unite’ behind his Brexit deal and vote in favour of the plan at historic sitting today
* But rebel Tory MP Oliver Letwin tabled an amendment which deprived Mr Johnson of a clean vote on deal
* Mr Johnson had wanted MPs to vote on his package today, first time Parliament sat on weekend since 1982
* Premier insisted he will not ‘negotiate’ a Brexit extension with the EU despite Remainer law ordering him to
* And in a letter said tonight that he will ‘not negotiate a delay with the European Union’ in wake of amendment
* Irish PM Leo Varadkar warned that EU will not necessarily sign off any delay request and must be ‘unanimous’
* Tory ‘Spartans’ and Labour MPs have been signalling they are ready to support the deal in positive signs
* Conservatives have vented fury at Sir Oliver for wrecking plot which was supported by Labour and Lib Dems
* Poll for the Mail found 50 per cent of the public wanted politicians to back Mr Johnson’s Brexit deal today

Boris Johnson tonight revealed that he will tell EU leaders not to delay Brexit and will refuse to negotiate an extension – after MPs passed up the opportunity for a fourth time to vote for a deal.

The Commons voted 322 to 306 in favour of an amendment postponing a decision on the PM’s deal, and activating the Benn Act – a Remainer law that compels him to send a letter by midnight asking Brussels for a delay.

But Mr Johnson was defiant in the Commons, sparking confusion over whether he will comply with the legislation or try to find a loophole to keep his ‘do or die’ promise to sever ties by October 31.


WNU editor: You must give credit where credit is due. The opponents to Brexit are pulling all the stops, and they are succeeding in delaying Brexit. But I do not think they will succeed in the end. Support for Brexit has not changed, and if an election was called on this issue today Boris Johnson will easily win a majority. The opposition knows that, hence no election call. But time is running out for those who support Remain, and they will eventually pay for it at the polls.

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