Violence grows as two violent cartels clash for control of Mexico City…La Unión Tepito vs. CJNG

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The fight for control of the [retail] sale and distribution of drugs between the CJNG and La Unión Tepito leave more homicides, such as the one that occurred on Saturday in El Centro…. 

The homicide registered last Saturday on República de Uruguay and 5 de Febrero streets, in the heart of Mexico City, whose victim is a subject identified by the authorities as a drug dealer , apparently is related to the dispute and division between alleged members of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG) and La Unión Tepito. The first advances in the investigation suggest that the man was allegedly a CJNG lieutenant, a group that, according to local authorities and security specialists, now and after an apparent alliance with La Unión Tepito, sought to expand its market in Mexico City.
Authorities reports point out that supposedly the deceased today was trying to close a deal so that the CJNG was the only drug dealer in the capital, but was attacked by two motorcycle killers, who shot him three times in front of the eyes of several witnesses and employees of the famous La Ideal patisserie. 

A follow-up of the C5 cameras revealed that the attackers fled the place and then took refuge in the Morelos neighborhood; Now the concern of the local authorities is that after this crime, violence will intensify throughout the Central area. He also reads: A man is shot outside a bakery in the Historic Center “This is a normal step, to put it in some way, of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel. It has been documented in all the states and municipalities in which they have interference that in the first instance they form a kind of alliance with local groups, because in this way they know the terrain they are treading and the authorities, they realize how much it costs to corrupt them, they become hawks and then forcibly snatch everything.
“If we take into account that currently, those of the CJNG are the predominant group, all the smaller gangs make alliances with them, since they are the ones that supply drugs of all kinds and weapons, then those of Tepito, Tláhuac or other criminal groups of the Mexico City is not their competence, “said Luis Hinojos, a lawyer specializing in organized crime organized by the Colegio de la Frontera Norte. The litigant also explains that the presence of the cartel was already clear in the City with the attack against the Secretary of Citizen Security, Omar García Harfuch, an event that in a matter of hours left more than 20 detainees, all the defendants related to that criminal group international.


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