video shoutout in minatitlan veracruz was between municipal police and federales

Video shoutout in Minatitlán, Veracruz was between Municipal Police and Federales

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How did the fatal shootout start last night in Minatitlán with 3 killed, 2 injured and 1 federal police arrested ?
The aggressors are federal policemen who a few days ago were sent by the Government to the “Operativo de Pacificación” in Minatitlán. And would have participated in the detention of El Pelón; They are chilangos.
Minatitlán, Veracruz – Shortly before 23:00 hours on Friday, the emergency number 911 reported the presence of at least two armed men inside a well-known “luxury” bar located on Justo Sierra Avenue ( the owner or manager knows exactly how the event started because they made the report of aid from there).
When municipal police arrived and tried to find out the facts, two armed men, dressed in civilian clothes, tried to flee to the premises of a pizzeria located in the sector and in their flight they attacked a municipal police patrol, leaving María Guadalupe Castillo González, with a shoulder wound, who was helped by her colleagues and taken to a hospital. The officer had been shot.
The aforementioned , as expected, forced the municipal authorities to request reinforcement and that is how elements of the Public Security Secretariat (SSP) arrived and the shooting intensified. During the exchange of gunfire, two state policemen died, including the commander of Agrupamiento de Recuperación de Vehículos. His partner is in a very serious state of health.
In addition a federal police officer of the SIEDO dressed in civilian clothes, an assailant, has died after he apparently started shooting at the municipal agents. The official balance is three deaths, two state policemen, the SEIDO aggressor as well as two wounded policemen of which one of them is between life and death.
This morning one of the aggressors who started the violent act last night. And who is identified as an agent of the SEIDO, is already under arrest and at the disposal of the State Attorney General’s Office.
Breaking News: Amost twenty hours after the arrest of Adrian aka El Pelón a video started circulating of a person being interrogated by unknown subjects who mentions more are involved in the slaughter of the Obrera suburb in Minatitlan
Video translation is as follows:
Sicario #1: Let’s see kid who gave the order for the chaos that was made in La Obrera?
Detainee: El Commander Cursi, gave it to Commander Chucky, and to Cuco, and to Oaxaco. So they could create their chaos here in Mina (Minatitlán). They come from Oaxa (Oaxaca). They charge land tax and kidnap.
Sicario # 1: Are they the ones extorting people?
Detainee: They are the ones who are extorting people.
Sicario # 1: Are they the ones who killed the lady who did not want to pay them land tax?
Detainee: Those are the ones.
Sicario # 1: Were they the ones who made the Obrera mess?
Detainee: Those are the ones who made the Obrera mess.
Sicario # 1: How many were they?
Detainee: It was them and their people.
Sicario: In what van, what vehicle did they drive?
Detainee: CVR truck.
Sicario: Color?
Detainee: White.
Sicario: What do you guys dedicate yourselves to?
Detainee: Theft, kidnappings, extortion
Sicario: Who supports you here in Mina (Minatitlán)?
Detainee: Commander Cursi,
Sicario #1: Who else? 
Detainee: Commander Oaxao.
Sicario: And Chucky?
Detainee: And Chucky. And El Vejuco, and his people.
Sicario # 2: Are they the ones who are causing the disruption ?
Detainee: They are the ones who are creating chaos here in Mina. And in the Veracruz area.
Sicario # 2: By who’s order were the people executed here in La Obrera?
Detainee: By orders of Commander Cursi.
Sicario # 2: Who are their H’s (Hawks) and where are they more or less located?
Detainee: Their H’s? I no longer…
Sicario # 2: His hawks, his little hawks who work for them, who are they?
Detainee: Well, his people operate with them.
Sicario # 2: Where are his people located?
Detainee: Well, throughout the Veracruz area.
Sicario # 1: Where does Chucky live?
Detainee: Chucky? Chucky lives there on Rosalinda.
Sicario # 2: And Becuco?
Detainee: In the new …

– Sol Prendido


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