Video shootout CDN vs CDG Tamaulipas: Here the authorities do not enter at night, or they are killed

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Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat YouTube

CDN [Zetas] and CDG have caused endless bloodshed and terror in Tamaulipas.
On Monday night through Tuesday morning, there was an intense heavy artillery shootout in the city of San Miguel Aleman in a war for dominance in the border city. 

Residents woke to a sight of streets being washed with bullet casings from high-caliber weapons.
It was estimated the shootout lasted for over six hours. 

CDN traveling from Cd. Mier, disguised as soldiers, were able to pass through military checkpoint at Benito Juarez and Los Guerra installed at the outskirts of town.  Dressed as soldiers they were able to storm the military barracks in Los Guerra.  

There were 36 trucks involved including narco tanks.
Comment sent in by BB follower:
Chivis and BB staff there’s a short video about the shootout in Miguel Aleman where the CDN entered CDG territory Tuesday night is about a minute long and it really shows the sound of the firepower the Tamaulipas cartels have. While the Reynosa CDG faction and the Camargo factions are infighting the CDN took the opportunity to enter the Frontera Chica. There’s also a message from CDN to CDG going around on where they announce they will be entering CDG territory with 150 trucks, instead of the 36 they used in Tuesday night’s attack.
CDN said it is ready to take all CDG territory all the way to Matamoros. Shit might get crazy in the north east this week.
Additionally, the Matamoros faction of CDG is also infighting and the fight is quiet but heating up. El Contador  left el Vaquero in charge after his arrest but another Cardenas is looking to  kill el Vaquero and take over the Matamoros golf cartel.

CDN wants to take advantage and take over while CDG fights itself

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