VIDEO: Police Ask Portland Antifa To Please Stop Destroying Democrat Headquarters on Day of Biden’s Inauguration

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Multiple videos have surfaced showing members of Antifa destroy the windows of the local Democratic Party headquarters, with further videos showing police calmly asking them to stop the destruction. The video was captured on January 20, when Democrats should ostensibly be celebrating recapturing the White House.

In one video, the members of Antifa are seen breaking glass windows and at the headquarters of the Democratic Party of Oregon. Graffiti, including obscenities, was left on the few windows remaining intact, and on the walls.

At one point, a police officer is heard beseeching, “Stop damaging the Democratic Party of Oregon Portland Headquarters.”

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In a second video, they give the protesters notice that they will be “subject to the use of force” and arrest for damaging the Democrat headquarters.

The ongoing violence, which appears to be far more severe than that sustained on January 6 in Washington, D.C., forced the Portland police to issue a statement.

“To those gathered near the Democratic Party of Oregon Portland Headquarters: Members of this group have been observed damaging the building,” the statement explained. “Anyone who is involved in criminal behavior … is subject to arrest or citation.”

It is unclear what Antifa may be protesting on January 20, when Democrats complete their political stranglehold over the federal government.

Many experts previously claimed that pro-Trump groups were organizing widespread violence throughout the United States in response to Biden’s inauguration. While this failed to materialize, it now appears that Antifa violence may become a mainstay of the Biden administration.

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