Video Nuevo Laredo: Driver sees he is about to be stopped by CDN narco blockade and quickly reacts

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Chivis Martinez  Borderland Beat   LaVozDelPueblo

On January 3rd at 6:09AM the Northeast Cartel (CDN) attempts to stop people in a narco blockade.  The occupants of the vehicle appear to be Americans.  The incident occurred in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas on  Colosio Blvd. (the International Bridge II).  
The driver had good awareness of where he was and immediately knew what was happening, allowing him time to react.  

A couple of the comments from those viewing the video:
This is a difficult thing. You should not take a risk travelling at night you are only putting a weapon to your head, follow the recommendations, there are no guarantees …
The next comment says—- “you go through the same thing (several times) at 4 in the afternoon, there is no difference day or night…”

Thank you Borderland Beat Follower for sending this video in from November, where in NL an attempt to pull over a family near the bridge…

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