Video link: Mexican Military Finds Abandoned Cessna w 358 Kilos of Coke in Chiapas

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 Mexican military seizes $14 million worth of cocaine from small plane found abandoned on         clandestine air strip.

The Mexican military intercepted a cocaine shipment worth $14million Saturday, A Marines unit discovered an abandoned Cessna on a secret airstrip in Chiapas. The servicemen found 358 kilos of cocaine that in ten large bags. No arrests were made but the small plane and the drugs were turned over to Mexico’s Attorney General office in Tapachula, Chiapas.
The Secretariat of the Navy said the successful operation was pulled off Saturday after intelligence reports revealed suspicious activity in the southern state of Chiapas.

The Marines deployed a special team aboard a helicopter, which spotted the Cessna on the secret runway 26 miles northwest of Port Chiapas, a municipality located off the Pacific coast in the southern state of Chiapas.
An inspection of the abandoned aircraft unearthed 10 sacks filled with 358 kilos of cocaine in plastic wrappers. The troops also found 14 canisters of jet fuel and two motorcycles were left behind as well.
                                     The military did not make any arrests in the operation. 
The confiscated cocaine shipment and small plane were turned over to Mexico’s Attorney General’s office in Tapachula, Chiapas.  
‘With these actions the Secretariat of the Navy and Mexican Army contributes to the peacekeeping of citizens and endorses its commitment to combat illicit activities of organized crime using all operational means and intelligence seeking a safe Mexico,’ the Secretariat of the Navy said in a statement.
It is the second time in almost two months that the Mexican armed forces have intercepted a drug shipment.
The military recovered a $20 million cocaine shipment that was unloaded off a jet parked on a Mexican highway near the Belize border on January 27. 
The two-seater aircraft used in ferrying the drugs that flew in from South America was registered in the United States. 
A day later, military fighter planes forced a ‘narco jet’ transporting $12 million in cocaine to land in an airfield in the Caribbean coastal state of Quintana Roo after it was detected in international airspace after flying in from Argentina.

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