Video: CJNG vs Military and the National Guard in Aguililla Michoacan

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A video uploaded to social networks, reveals federal soldiers responding to an attack in the community of El Aguaje; It is unknown if there are casualties or injuries.
Allegedly,  the armed aggressors are members of CJNG. [see note]
The military and national guards arrived in Aguaje, ​​Michoacán after several days of blockades on the Apatzingán-Aguililla highway. Reports indicated that residents of Aguililla communities have fled because of the violence and the insecurity that persists.
This video comes on the heels of another video posted yesterday on various social media platforms, showing the ‘Elite Group” of CJNG enforcers in a showy demonstration of a tank, armored vehicles, weapons while members pose in camo uniforms with CJNG emblems.
Security Secretary Alfonso Durazo tweeted they are “analyzing the video, in order to confirm its authenticity.”
A comment that drew mockery and laughs from Mexicans.  Posting comments reflecting scorn in the comment thread of Durazo’s twitter page.
In Obrador’s visit to Jalisco yesterday, he endorsed his support for Governor Enrique Alfaro, who himself has received threats from CJNG.
In October of 2019, 14 Michoacán Police were ambushed and killed in, and the violence has gone unabated.

Breaking: CJNG just uploaded a couple of videos.  One has a message to El Marro and another saying that it was “Carteles Unidos” [of “Abuelo Farías” and “Los Viagras”], that was in the confrontations today and yesterday in Apatzingán and  Aguililla.
They also call out Alfonso Durazo as a good for nothing, useless, along with the governor of Michoacán. Adding that CJNG has a better-equipped army than that of GN [National Guard]

Additional information when available if warranted.

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