VIDEO: CJNG Sicaria Reveals Earnings

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     With her hands tied, a CJNG sicaria reveals who earn the highest salaries in the organization
                                                             ( Screen Shot from Video)
      “They spend weeks or months without seeing their family, not everyone endures”: says Sicaria

On social networks circulates a video in which a young woman revealed that there are members of CJNG , the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel,  who earn up to half a million a month.

The young woman, who appears tied hands and with a blindfold, points out that the CJNG assassins earn large amounts of money, but are subjected to strong training that few finish.

“They spend some time without seeing their family, weeks or months. Not everyone can stand it, but when they see them again, they have their money, ” said the woman, who supposedly receives a flat fee on the orders of “El Carrete”.

Without mentioning names, the young woman comments that she spoke with a high command of the criminal organization, who told her about the salaries her collaborators receive.

“It depends on how the place is, how hot it is. Some are so small that the boss can earn 20,000 Pesos a month. Others are large and hot that can earn up to 500,000 Pesos a month. “

The young woman also gave details about the three levels within the cartel led by Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, “El Mencho”.

She pointed out that hawks, assassins and salesmen are at the lowest level, while the subjects responsible for intelligence, counterintelligence, elite commands and chiefs occupy the highest levels.

The members of the cartel with military training, former members of the Navy or  soldiers who have deserted get the largest amounts, because they are the emissaries or representatives of “El Mencho”.


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