Video: Canadian Police Stand Down as Antifa, Militant LGBT’ers Anti-Grooming Demonstrators

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Last Updated on September 22, 2023

Canadian police stood down as Antifa radicals and LGBT militants attacked anti-child-grooming protestors in Toronto, as mass demonstrations against the state-sanctioned sexualization and LGBT indoctrination of children are organized nationwide. What’s more, is that the Canadian police, who have developed a reputation for acting as governmental enforcers for the left, were caught on video arresting a reported assault victim, instead of the pro-groomer radical who blooded his face.

In one video out of Toronto, a Canadian man is seen being surrounded by violent leftists bearing transgender flags, as cult-like chants of “trans rights are human rights” are heard from a megaphone in the background. The attackers grabbed control of the man and carried him through the streets, eventually tossing him on the ground in front of a police line.

Though police were obviously standing directly beside the attack as it took place, they did nothing to stop it and appeared to have taken no action against the attackers once it concluded.

Watch the video footage below: 

In another video posted to X, Canadian police are seen arresting an anti-groomer demonstrator, whose face had been bloodied in an apparent attack from left-wing agitators and enforcers.

As the man was escorted by police to a paddywagon, law enforcement clashed with anti-groomer demonstrators, who chanted “SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!” as police made the arrest.

According to a post on X from Grimsby Independent News, the man being arrested has been identified as the brother of Josh Alexander, a student activist and outspoken Christian who has faced arrest and repeated targeting at the hands of the Canadian government, over his refusal to go along with the radically pro-trans programs and curriculum being forced on Canadian school kids.

Watch the video footage below: 

The video footage from Canada comes as a series of demonstrations, dubbed “1 Million March 4 Children”, have taken place all over the country.

Massive crowds of people have turned out to stand against the LGBT indoctrination and castration of children which, like in America, is being backed by Canada’s federal government. The grassroots organization of the protest movement has been compared to the anti-jab mandate protests that took the country by storm in recent years.

As National File reported at the time, when anti-grooming demonstrations were at their peak earlier this week, left-wing Canadian politicians joined pro-groomer demonstrators, some of whom took the streets to proclaim ownership of other people’s children with chants of “Whose kids? Our kids!”

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