Video: Black Chicagoans Call for City to ‘Close the Borders’ Amid Illegal Alien Surge

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Last Updated on September 19, 2023

Video footage from a town hall-style meeting in Chicago shows a local black resident begging a local politician to “close the borders” of the city as its streets continue being pounded by busloads full of illegal aliens, who are being transported deep into the United States from their points of arrival along the southern border.

“Why can’t we close the borders of Chicago or the state of Illinois in the first place? Why can’t we close the borders?” the woman asked a local politician, prompting those gathered for the town hall to burst into applause.

In response, the politician blamed both the federal government and the state of Texas – the feds for approving asylum claims, and Texas for transporting illegals from the border to deep inside the US interior.

“Can we say ‘no we won’t take anymore’?” the woman asked, with the politician claiming in response that Chicago is helpless and must continue accepting illegal aliens until the federal government tells them to stop.

Watch the video footage below: 

Chicago has officially been a sanctuary city since 1985, when former Mayor Harold Washington, a Democrat, issued an executive order unilaterally prohibiting Chicago authorities from enforcing federal immigration statutes.

Since then, the city has become a hot spot for Latin American drug cartels and street gangs and, more recently, black residents have reported being racially accosted on the streets by newly-arrived Hispanic illegal aliens.

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The situation unfolding in Chicago parallels that seen on a larger scale in New York City, where busloads full of illegal aliens are routinely being unloaded.

Much like in Chicago, local authorities in New York City have struggled to deal with the massive influx and destitute people, and residents have had to increasingly pay the price, both literally and figuratively.

As National File has reported, students have been moved out of their dorm rooms on the Upper West Side of Manhattan to make way for the housing of illegals, and public schools have been at times converted into massive migrant-housing facilities.

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In multiple instances, illegal aliens brought into New York City from the southern border have been involved in heinous crimes, including the rape and attempted murder of children.

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