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Thank goodness our tax dollars are finally going to a worthy cause.

The Gateway Pundit reported,

The Maasai in Kenya, a notorious “White Supremacy” known for their traditional cattle-raising practices, have been consuming milk for centuries as a staple part of their diet.

The Maasai value cattle, and the size of their herds indicates their status in the community. Maasai women are responsible for milking the cows, and the milk is a key part of their diet, appearing in almost every meal.

The Maasai drink milk raw or soured, in tea, or turned into butter, which is especially important for infants. They also produce a traditional fermented milk product called kule naoto from unpasteurized whole milk from zebu cows, which they consume in large quantities, averaging 2–3 liters per person per day.

In the latest display of far-left absurdity, taxpayer money is now being funneled into a study investigating the supposed ties between milk and colonialism.

Academics at Oxford are jumping on the bandwagon, ready to dissect the ‘political nature’ of milk and its so-called ‘colonial legacies.’

Thank goodness that our government is finally funding studies on this, after all this is the sort of stuff that really matters.