Veterinary student from Zacatecas was kidnapped, tortured and murdered after family pays her ransom

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Jennifer Mejia Perez 

The lifeless body a woman who was found last week was identified as Jennifer Mejia Perez (aged 20), a veterinary student of the Autonomous University of Zacatecas (UAZ). She had been kidnapped the day before. Her body was dumped on the side of the highway leading to Villa Gonzalez Ortega municipality.

Different police corporations arrived and cordoned off the scene when the body was found. The body of the young woman showed apparent signs of torture and firearm impacts. At the scene authorities said the killers left a written message that alluded to an organized crime group. 

Her body was handed over to the Forensic Medical Service team in Zacatecas. When the body was first found, she had not been identified; her relatives showed up at the local morgue and confirmed her identity hours later.

Sources outside the investigation mentioned that Jennifer was kidnapped and that those responsible demanded a considerable sum of money from the family to release her. However, despite the ransom payments made to the abductors, the young woman was tortured and killed.

Her body was found near a highway

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