veracruz an ex candidate of the pes of cordoba is shot at

Veracruz: An ex candidate of the PES of Córdoba is shot at

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Córdoba, Ver.- Gunmen traveling in a green truck tried to assassinate former PES (Partido Encuentro Social) candidate Edmundo Yeladaki this morning, who was shot at several times but managed to escape.
The report of the situation of risk was made by witnesses of the place at the crest of “Los Filtros” of this city, where a blue Suzuki brand truck fired 3 shots at Edmundo who was traveling in his private vehicle.
It should be noted that the vehicle suspected of the event ended up crashing on Av. 22 and Calle 10 of the Colonia México.
Let’s remember that at the time Edmundo Rodriguez was an applicant for the 16th federal district of the PRD (Partido de la Revolución Democrática) and tried to participate independently via the local presidency of Cordoba in the last elections, however he was unable to obtain the required support that the INE (Instituto Nacional Electoral) asks for to be able continue in said electoral process.


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