US Presidential Candidate Biden Says He’d Use Executive Powers To Force Americans To Wear Masks In Public

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The Hill: Biden says he would use federal authority to mandate wearing masks in public

The presumptive Democratic nominee has made multiple public appearances donning facial coverings.

  * Joe Biden said in an interview that were he president, he would use federal authority to make face masks mandatory in public spaces.
  * This comes as the U.S. is experiencing a surge of new coronavirus cases.

Former Vice President and presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has taken a hard line regarding wearing masks in public as a means to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Speaking with CBS affiliate KBKA on Thursday, Biden said that if he were president, he would use federal power available to make it mandatory to wear masks in public.

“I would do everything possible to make it required [that] the people had to wear masks in public,” he said.


Update #1: Biden says he’d use executive powers to force Americans to wear masks in public (CBS)
Update #2: If president, Biden would seek to require Americans to wear a mask in public (NBC)

WNU Editor: Canada is a country that has been successful in curtailing the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, and it has been done by using social distancing, closing the border, 14 quarantines, and isolating the populations that are most vulnerable to this disease (i.e. the elderly and those with medical conditions). Masks have played a role, but not a critical roll in stopping the spread.

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