US President Biden’s Favourite Columnist Says He “Should Not Run Again In 2024”

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Axios: Favorite Biden columnist: He “should not run again in 2024” 

President Biden, befitting his generation, loves newspapers and the classic columnists. David Ignatius, Tom Friedman and David Brooks top his list.  

Driving the news: Ignatius, 73, a well-wired Washington Post foreign-affairs columnist who writes spy novels on the side, is out with a column (page A23 Wednesday) with the blunt headline: “President Biden should not run again in 2024.”  

Why it matters: Biden, 80, still sees himself as a young go-getter. Here’s a respected voice he has known for 40+ years telling him that by plunging ahead, he “risks undoing his greatest achievement — which was stopping Trump.”  

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Update #1: WaPo columnist argues Biden ‘too old’ to run again, should have stopped Hunter’s ‘attempts to impress clients’ (FOX News)

Update #2: More Voices Call On Biden To Withdraw From The 2024 Race (Moon of Alabama)  

WNU Editor: When you are a Democrat President and you lose David Ignatius. Yup …. you are in trouble.

Update #3: The poll numbers are certainly troubling (see below).