US Defence Chief Austin Announces $100m Military Aid Package For Ukraine

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The Hill: US announces new Ukraine package as Pentagon chief visits Kyiv  

The U.S. on Monday released a new $100 million aid package for Ukraine, announcing more artillery rounds and anti-aircraft munitions as Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin made a surprise visit to Kyiv. 

The package includes 155 millimeter artillery shells, Stinger anti-aircraft missiles, small arms ammunition and Javelin and AT-4 launchers. 

Austin said at a Monday press conference in Kyiv that the package will help Ukrainian troops in the coming months “have the means that they’ll need to be successful fighting in the wintertime.”  

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WNU Editor: This announcement is a joke. The war is costing Ukraine anywhere from $100 million to $200 million a day. So what US Secretary of Defense Austin is committing to is basically a promise to finance the war for about a day. 

US Defence Chief Austin Announces $100m Military Aid Package For Ukraine  

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