Uruapan, Michoacán: Cartel Jalisco Speaks Out Against Los Viagras, Templarios, And The United Cartels

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Narco messages by the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) appeared in different parts of the city.

The messages were posted outside the Colonial Market, in the heart of the city, right in front of the Casa del Niño school, the neighborhoods of Zumpimito, La Quinta and on a pedestrian bridge, over the Industrial Boulevard.

Neighbors who were going to carry out their daily tasks observed the messages and immediately notified the authorities

Elements of the Municipal Police and National Guard attended this matter. They are who removed the canvases and made them available to the Regional Prosecutor’s Office.

Narco message reads as follows:

This message is directed to the city of Uruapan along with its citizens. For all those individuals affected by those scumbag extortionists, fee collectors, and murderers of innocent civilians. 

That’s what those filthy Los Viagras, Templarios, and the United Cartels are. For all the Uruapan citizens affected by them, we invite you to stand in unity in our fight and cause for a Uruapan free of protection fees, extortions, and the executions of innocent civilians. 

Just as well all the Uruapan avocado growers, nursery owners, fruit producers, and all those affected. Join us. We will provide you with our security. And safeguard your respectable jobs. 

For all the National Guardsmen, the military personnel who support those scumbag Viagras, Templarios, and the United Cartels. Don’t cheapen yourselves. Enforce your commitment to the nation and townspeople. 

Don’t turn your backs on the Uruapan citizens by allowing these acts of extortions. Sincerely, The 4 letters cartel. We are currently present within this city. May Uruapan and it’s surrounding live free. 

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