UpDate: Seven Bodies Found With Amputated Hands In Navolato And Elota Identified: Sinaloa

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July 1, 2024

The seven bodies found with their hands amputated in the municipalities of Navolato and Elota are identified.

Yesterday, Sunday, June 30, the bodies of four men were found with traces of torture and their hands cut off in a plot of land in the community of Los Arredondos, in Navolato.

The bodies corresponded to Félix Aarón “R” and Elisandro Adinael “R”, who were brothers from San Javier, municipality of Badiraguato, while Jorge Alfredo “B” and Baldomero “B” were from the Imala syndicate, in Culiacán.

The other three bodies were found in the bush in the town of La Papalota, on the border of Elota and Cosalá.

They are Manuela “N”, 55 years old, Edgar Arturo “N”, 26 years old, and Jesús Manuel “N”, 62 years old, who are mother, son, and father respectively, and live in the Rubén Jaramillo neighborhood in Culiacán.

The bodies were located last night, but personnel from the State Attorney General’s Office went there until this morning.

The corpses were naked, plastic-wrapped, and with their hands severed.