United States should postpone our primaries

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When it comes to the government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act has failed to provide for the average American. There are few politicians that have been as adamant about helping the average American as Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Although the democratic primary has been full of tough battles between candidates, the toughest battle the primary has yet to deal with is the issues raised by holding elections during a pandemic.
While other members in the Democratic party, such as Joe Biden, have refused to back proposals aimed at helping the average American, Sanders has been furiously working on pushing bills to help the average U.S. household, while other Democratic officials have continued unfair and unequal primaries.
One major bill Sanders has helped sponsor, introduced on March 19, 2020, by Sen. Robert Casey Jr. (I-PA) would assist older Americans and people with disabilities affected by COVID-19. The bill is currently co-sponsored by 22 additional senators.
Sanders has also been actively appearing in public to talk about the current crisis and spoke on the Senate floor about his disagreements with the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act. He touched on his issues with the bill and highlighted the amount of people at risk for being laid-off from the outbreak. At the end of his speech, he pushed back against critics who claim that some people might make more money being out of work.
“So, this bill has some good things, it has issues of real concern, but one thing we must not do is to punish the low income workers who might get a few more bucks than previously earned,” Sanders said.
This isn’t the only appearance he has made during this pandemic. Sanders has been active in both the Senate and social media. Although Sanders is not first in the polls, it is clear that he has been far more active than his fellow presidential candidate Joe Biden. Biden has made very few appearances on TV and the internet, and he does not emphasize the catastrophic effects this disease will have on this society.
It’s clear that especially during a crisis, the American people need someone to fight in their corner and not cave into corporate demands. Sanders has continuously pushed bills regardless of the mainstream opinion, putting the American people first.
He has also continuously highlighted the issues regarding holding Democratic primaries during the COVID-19 outbreak. I find it extremely unfair that while the United States is facing its biggest challenge since World War II, we are allowing people to go out to public locations which are typically run by volunteers who are at direct risk to contract COVID-19 and die from the disease. If the primaries aren’t suspended I feel that’s a complete breach of trust, considering people could die voting for their candidate.
It’s time for the American people to demand that the nomination of the Democratic candidate be postponed and for states to not allow people to vote in person. I’m all for absentee ballots or online voting, but many Americans can’t access the internet so it would be an unfair process.
This isn’t a matter of candidates or winning or losing; this is a matter of protecting lives. Sanders has once again proven his credibility during this crisis by standing up for the poor when very few senators will do so. Sanders has been actively echoing the consensus of many health experts: this disease could kill hundreds of thousands and we need to
save lives.
It’s important that during this crisis the government provides for those struggling, and Sanders will continue to push those initiatives regardless of the primary elections. We
need to do our part and implement safe social distancing practices including postponing primaries.

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