Unholy Alliance: Loomer Exposes Globalist Trio of Romney, DeSantis, Scott

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Last Updated on September 15, 2023

Following Mitt Romney’s retirement announcement, Loomer exposed that Mitt Romney sold his email list to Targeted Victory, a firm that works closely with woke corruptions and is run by close Romney confidant Zac Moffatt. Moffatt openly supports Tim Scott. It gets even wilder as Loomer further exposes Ron DeSantis is spending his birthday in New York City with a man named Emil Henry, who is extremely close with Mitt Romney. It’s becoming apparent that DeSantis, Romney, and Scott are creating an unholy alliance in an attempt to steal the GOP Primary away from Trump.

In a post on X, Loomer shared a photo of FEC records showing Mitt Romney selling his email list to Targeted Victory for $714,000. Loomer captioned the post, writing, “Did@SenatorRomney sell his email list to Tim Scott? Anyone who has ever done a list rental knows $714,000 is obscene and not plausible. This is so sketchy. Looks like Romney made a deal with Tim Scott via his former digital director!”

In another post, Loomer exposed that Ron DeSantis is spending his birthday in New York City attending fundraisers with Emil Henry, a close friend of Romney. Loomer wrote, “Looks like Romney is lining up to get his donors to support @RonDeSantis. As I reported yesterday, it also looks like he sold his list to @TargetedVictory, whose CEO @ZacMoffatt was Romney’s former Digital Director. Moffatt is now working for @SenatorTimScott. Is there an alliance between @RonDeSantis, @MittRomney and @SenatorTimScott?”

Targeted Victory is located in Arlington, Virginia. The company has a reputation of blacklisting Trump supporters to ensure few America First supporters get hired in the D.C. area. Worse, Targeted Victory CEO Zach Moffatt boasts about his work with Facebook and Gillette on Targeted Victory’s website.

National File recently reported that Tim Scott lives with a man named Joseph McKeown. McKeown and his wife divorced in 2012, and the divorce records have been sealed. Scott refers to McKeown as his “partner.”

DeSantis, Romney, and Scott’s union is one of the most unholy alliances in political history. Clearly, the establishment still believes they can steal the 2024 GOP nomination away from President Trump. Now is not the time for Trump supporters to become complacent.

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