Under a Blood-Red Sky: Geomagnetic Storm Causes Intense Auroras in North America and European Regions – Sky Explodes in Crimson over Russia and Ukraine

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As above, so below – the old hermetic adage seems to be at play these days.

It turns out that Residents of Crimea, Donetsk, Rostov, and Voronezh regions experienced rare sightings of the Northern Lights, following the onset of a strong magnetic storm.

Additionally, a red glow was only visible in Kiev and other cities in Ukraine.

Euromaidan Press reported:

“Kharkiv astronomer Volodymyr Kazhanov explained that the red sky seen in Ukraine this evening is related to a geomagnetic storm.

On the night of November 5-6, bright northern lights are observed in Ukraine, as in many countries of the Northern Hemisphere. There was a powerful geomagnetic storm associated with the bombardment of our planet by a coronal mass ejection that occurred on the Sun a few days ago’, the scientist wrote.”

Northern Lights in Stonehenge.

The phenomenon was also visible in other hyperborean areas of Europe and America.

The Guardian reported:

“The northern lights lit up much of the UK and Ireland on Saturday night – from Orkney and Donegal to parts of southern England including Stonehenge.

The aurora borealis, dancing green and red lights, have captivated people for millennia, and appear during geomagnetic storms. Disturbances in the Earth’s magnetic field result in hours of bright auroras at both high and low latitudes.

‘Northern Lights over Stonehenge last night’, read a post by the official Twitter account for the Wiltshire historical centerpiece, accompanied by a photograph.”

The spectacle of the auroras is usually most visible near Earth’s magnetic north and south poles, where the lights are called the aurora borealis and australis.

It all begins with the solar wind. Its particles travel millions of miles to reach the Earth, where the Earth’s magnetic field channels it to the polar regions.

Depending on which molecules are affected, and also where they are located in the atmosphere, different amounts of energy are released, visible to our eyes as different wavelengths of light,

Oxygen produces green light, while nitrogen causes the sky to glow red.

Moving on, sometimes the color does not conform to the scientific rules.

Orange aurora in Canada.

Live Science reported:

“A recent solar storm smashed into Earth and created what appeared to be bright pumpkin-colored pillars dancing in the night sky above Canada, a haunting new photo reveals. But there is a problem with the image: Orange-colored auroras should not exist. 

Instead of impossible auroras, the image actually captured a rare mix of red and green lights that hasn’t been this visible since a monstrous Halloween solar storm smashed into Earth 20 years ago, experts say. 

‘The orange was sublime, just incredible’, aurora photographer Harlan Thomas told Spaceweather.com. ‘The pillars in the center stayed there glowing for more than 20 minutes’.”

Reportedly, the last time Auroras with such ‘vibrant pumpkin-like hues’ were spotted was the great Halloween storm of 2003, the most powerful solar storm in modern records.

Red Auroras over Ukraine.

Further down south, not so close to the polar regions, Eastern European countries experienced a rare sighting of a Blood-red sky.

Vox News reported:

“The night sky has taken on a reddish color this evening, as the Aurora Borealis phenomenon has rarely been visible as far as Croatia.

Numerous photos of this unusual phenomenon, which can be seen in parts of Slavonia, Zagorje, Zagreb and even Ukraine, have appeared on social networks.

According to the statements of some eyewitnesses, the sight of the red sky lasted about 15 minutes.”

Ukraine itself- and the new regions that voted to be part of Russia – are located far south of the Arctic Circle, but the northern lights are observed every few years.

But in 2023, it has been seen for the third time, after April 23 and September 25.

Maybe the solar wing that ignited the skies is trying to say something to the warring parties there.

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