Ukraine Claims Major Breakthrough In Southern Counteroffensive

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Ukrayinska Pravda: Russians spent 60% of time and resources on their first line of defence, which was broken through by Ukraine’s forces – Tarnavskyi 

In an interview with the Observer, , Brigadier General Oleksandr Tarnavskyi, Commander of the Tavriia Operational and Strategic Group of Forces, said that the Russian forces spent 60% of their time and resources on the construction of the first line of defence, and only 20% for the second and third. Now the Ukrainian army is advancing on both sides of the breakthrough and are consolidating their positions. 

According to Tarnavskyi, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are now between the first and second defensive lines. “In the centre of the offensive, we are now completing the destruction of enemy units that provide cover for the retreat of Russian troops behind their second defensive line,” he said.  

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WNU Editor: I am skeptical of these Ukrainian claims. They have been claiming a breakthrough for the past few weeks. But the deployment of an entire Russian army to this region tells me that they are not going to take any chances of a Ukrainian breakthrough …. Russian military deploy “reserve army” to send additional forces to southern Ukraine – ISW (Ukrainska Pravda). 

Ukraine Claims Major Breakthrough In Southern Counteroffensive  

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