UK Study: The More You Followed Draconian ‘Covid Restrictions’ the Worse Your Mental Health Is Faring Today

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Once again, the so-called ‘conspiracy theorists’, a.k.a. ‘people who did their own research’, are getting vindicated over the gullible, obedient masked people who ‘trusted the science’ – unaware it was just propaganda – and entrusted crooked Big Pharma with their health and even their life, many times to tragic results.

At this point in time, it’s indeed repetitive to be sharing news that can be filed under the ‘everything they told you was wrong’ shelf.

But for me it is great o read a fashion and entertainment magazine like Cosmopolitan having to write this headline: The closer you followed Covid restrictions the worse your mental health today, study suggests

This is something most of us noticed, with anecdotal evidence, from among our relatives, friends and acquaintances.

But now, a scientific study from Bangor University in Wales shows that people who stuck by Covid lockdown rules the most strictly have the worst mental health today.

The Guardian reported:

“Those who followed the restrictions most closely when the pandemic hit are the most likely to be suffering from stress, anxiety and depression, academics at Bangor University have found.

[…] However, people with ‘agentic’ personalities – who are more independent, more competitive and like to have control over their lives – were least likely to exhibit those behaviors.

‘The more individuals complied with health advice during lockdown, the worse their wellbeing post-lockdown’, concluded Dr Marley Willegers and colleagues.”

The study looked at ‘how compliant with the rules’ 1,729 people in Wales were during the first UK-wide lockdown in March to September 2020. They cross-referenced this data with measurement of stress, anxiety and depression found among these same people.

Marley Willegers, academic at Bangor University’s also noted:

“Throughout the pandemic messaging campaigns were designed to ensure people continued to follow the rules. But there was no messaging campaign as we came out of the pandemic to help everyone safely transition back to normality. ‘Without this, certain personality types have retained infection prevention behaviour and anxiety that undermines their mental wellbeing’, he added.”

Of course some segments of society will try to twist these revelations to their own narrative.

Centre for Mental Health thinktank: “The finding that people who complied with pandemic restrictions are more likely to have poorer mental health three years on is deeply disturbing. The fear, loss and trauma created by the pandemic are having a lasting impact on many people’s mental health. For some, this may have been exacerbated by the loss of social solidarity from seeing others not complying with the same restrictions.”

Isn’t that great? ‘Sheeple’ who obeyed it all and are now depressed are… OUR FAULT. Ha! Those who thought for themselves must be to blame for their misfortunes!

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