UK Nuclear Submarine Commander Fired After Organizing A Barbecue For His Crew In Dockyard During Lockdown

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Royal Navy Trafalgar-class submarine HMS Trenchant during a passenger exchange during exercise Saxon Warrior 2017 with the US Navy, August 5, 2017. US Navy/MCS Seaman Zachary Wickline

Daily Mail: Royal Navy nuclear submarine commander John Lewis is SACKED after coronavirus lockdown barbecue he organised for his crew

* Commander Lewis relieved of command of the HMS Trenchant after barbecue
* He will be assigned other duties after the Royal Navy investigation, reports claim
* Barbecue ‘one of a number of incidents in which judgement came into question’

Royal Navy nuclear submarine commander John Lewis has been sacked after he organised a barbecue for his crew amid the coronavirus lockdown.

Commander Lewis was relieved of his command of HMS Trenchant and will reportedly be assigned other duties after he was placed under ‘administrative investigation’ over concerns about his judgement.

The barbecue, which took place earlier this month amid the nationwide lockdown, was said to be just one of a number of incidents ‘in which his judgement came into question’, BBC Defence Correspondent Jonathan Beale said on Twitter.

The broadcaster also claimed it was not only senior officers ashore who advised against the barbecue and DJ set, but some of his own crew.

A Royal Navy spokeswoman confirmed Lewis’ dismissal to MailOnline.


WNU Editor: He was told not to do it ….. but he had his party anyway. You can see a video of the party here (link here).

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